Who is it for?

Mathsanywhere is an excellent tool for primary school students of all levels of mathematical ability. Teachers can create amazing interactive maths tests in minutes, reducing their administrative burden and giving students a solid foundation in learning.

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What does it do?

Mathsanywhere is a virtual maths tutor that presents fun maths tests that can be customised to each child's abilities. A maths test can be created and automatically assessed in minutes which students can access from home.

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Why choose us?

The software not only makes learning and practising weekly sums interactive and fun, but can be embedded into your school website. As mathsanywhere is accessible from home, it supports the specific learning objectives of KS1 and KS2 students, reflecting the new, mobilising world of learning.

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WebAnywhere are very supportive, innovative but not at all pushy…they’re just nice

Service is excellent and all the staff have been extremely helpful and kind. All oozing the ‘can do’ mentality. How refreshing!

Fantastic service. Prompt and efficient. Kept to all promises made. Made sure they found about the problems if they were not certain themselves. (Even phoned me back (at home) so call was not costing me). Brilliant!